Getting the job done

Have you ever noticed that, in all walks of life, professions, services, industries, there are generally two types of attitude?

There are those with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude who simply want to get the job done, and then there are those teeth suckers who have a negative frame of mind and who seem to try their hardest to find obstacles as to ‘why not’. They focus on different ends of the task.

The achievers seem to visualise the goal, the ‘end game’ and work back figuring out how they will overcome the obstacles they may encounter, whereas ‘the negatives’ seem to identify the first potential problem, cite that as a reason not to continue and want to give up.

This applies to all walks of life, and when you’re dealing with absolutely anyone it is quite interesting trying to spot which category they fall into – it’s normally fairly easy.

Needless to say, we at Fiuran Property are firmly in the former category. We will do everything we can to help you sell your property and will be relentless in our quest to find a suitable buyer. Of course, some properties are harder to sell than others, however we firmly believe there is a buyer for every property, and there is unquestionably someone out there ready to love your property as much as you do.

There is no such thing as the ‘perfect property’ and the correct approach is to focus on the positives that the property offers and, provided it is priced correctly, it will sell. Equally, there’s no such thing as a bad property, only bad pricing, and it is quite common for a seller to over-value their own property – this is entirely understandable as a home is much more than just a pile of bricks to them (see our ‘House: home or asset?’ blog from October 2013 – ), but it is very important to be impartial and realistic when selling a property; Celebrity New York estate agent, Fredrik Eklund, has some sage words on the subject of property pricing:

Indeed, a good agent must dish out tough love; the most common cause of break-ups [of agent and seller] is when the seller won’t take the agents advice and pressures them to market it [the property] for more than it’s worth. If the agent caves-in in order to keep the client, the seller will soon despise him when he doesn’t get enough traffic.

Every property has issues, and many of them can be remedied by the seller prior to putting the property onto the market. Leaking roof? Small damp patch? Many such issues can be fairly easily addressed by the seller, and usually at a lower cost than the amount a buyer will knock off the value of the property (as a buyer will inevitably overestimate remedial cost to protect themselves), and so it often makes the most financial sense to have the work undertaken yourself – this will have two benefits: firstly it will make the property more sellable and secondly, is likely to be more financially beneficial for the seller.

So, together and with the right approach & attitude, we can get your property sold!